Account-Based Experience is finally coming of age: discuss

You’re probably hearing a lot about ABX these days. No sooner have we wrapped our heads around ABM than we’re being offered an upgrade to Account-Based Experience, with the promise of increased relevance and a seamless experience for our target accounts across everything from brand marketing to media buying. An account-based nirvana grounded in better data and insights, super-charged digital experiences and the power to execute at scale.

But hang on. ABX has been extolled at conferences and in whitepapers for some time now, why haven’t we seen it in action at scale? Is it really all that different to ABM? And how urgently should we be trying to adopt it?

In this session, Chris Burke, Associate Director, ABM Solutions at The Marketing Practice will explain why 2022 will be the year ABX finally comes of age. Join him to discuss all the tricky questions around how ABX can be deployed on the ground: what needs to change in terms of technology, structures, teams, processes and mindset. Delegates will learn how to harness the strategic value of ABM and expand into ABX, in line with their available resource, technology, and budget.