Code of Conduct

FINITE is a free, private community for B2B tech marketers globally. Our goal is to create a space for B2B tech marketers to connect, share, learn & grow, both individually and as businesses. 

We do this through our monthly online discussions & relaxed FINITE Forums, a fortnightly Podcast with senior marketing practitioners & The FINITE Times newsletter, FINITE Interview Series, and our Slack space. 

FINITE is a free community for all B2B tech marketers, so often you are the content that keeps FINITE moving! Please share your thoughts, get involved in our discussions, and spread the word. The more active members we have, the more additional benefits we are able to provide for you, our members.

How can you use FINITE to grow professionally?

Share your thoughts to get the thoughts of others 

If you’re joining our Slack, online discussion, or a FINITE Forum: leave a comment, welcome new members, ask questions & provide insights/tips – this is how you’ll get to know other members and get the most out of the community.

Invite other B2B marketers to join

Thought of someone who would enjoy being a FINITE member? Invite them to join! Just direct them to the ‘apply for a FINITE membership page’ (

Be a part of an inclusive community 

Which means we do not tolerate harassment, abuse, or discrimination of any form.

Don’t sell 

FINITE is a space to share your knowledge & get insights from others – this is how we can ensure the community gives you the most value. Please do not use it as a platform to sell your solutions or solutions you are affiliated with. 

Don’t share private registration & event links with others 

We’re working hard to build out a membership community of B2B tech marketers through our online discussions, FINITE Forum, Slack, & other gated content. When you receive an invitation link to an online discussion, or to watch a webinar back on demand – please note this link is for you only. 

If you’re keen to invite a colleague or your network to watch a particular webinar, or episode, give us a shout and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.