The FINITE Influential 30

One of the best parts of FINITE is our community spirit – the way we celebrate successes by showcasing our members’ achievements. In the past we’ve done this through our podcasts, interview series and our ambassador program.

Now, we’d like to recognise members more widely by publishing an official ‘FINITE Influential 30’ list in our top tech sectors.

Are you a CMO, or do you know any senior marketers that deserve to be recognised? We’ll be looking for:

  • Marketers that have geared their business up for growth 
  • Strategic thinkers that delivered stand-out campaigns grounded in data and insight 
  • Creatives that are driving compelling and engaging campaigns
  • True leaders that have built a highly performing team

This award, drawn from the FINITE community and beyond, represents peer-to-peer recognition. Those recognised will receive more for their talent than just a trophy – with invitations to exclusive senior networking groups and executive visibility across the FINITE network via our podcasts and events.

So, how is this measured? For this year’s list we will analyze numerous data points via Crunchbase and Google Trends to ascertain each CMO’s impact on a business, alongside their personal achievements.

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What is FINITE?

FINITE is the free, global community for B2B marketers at leading and fast-growing tech and SaaS companies.

We host in person and online events, produce podcasts and deliver leading research reports that uncover industry truths to help our members connect, share, learn and grow.