August 18, 2022

Meet our FINITE Ambassador Kartik Krishnan: Expert in deal-based acceleration for B2B tech and SaaS organisations


The FINITE Ambassador programme marks an important moment in FINITE, when we’re able to elevate our members and champion them to be B2B marketing superstars. That’s why we’d like to introduce Kartik Krishnan, New Markets Expansion Lead at Beamery, very first FINITE Podcast guest and expert in deal-based accelerations for B2B tech and SaaS organisations….

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August 11, 2022

Meet our FINITE Ambassador James Stacey: Expert in demand gen in enterprise B2B tech & SaaS organisations

B2B demand gen

James Stacey is our new FINITE Ambassador! He’s an expert in demand generation within enterprise-sized B2B tech organisations, having worked with Red Hat for the past two years as Team Lead on the Global Commercial Performance Team. James successfully incorporates data, marketing tools and technologies into Red Hat’s programme activities to hit key global objectives –…

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August 3, 2022

Meet our FINITE Ambassador Ana Williams: Expert in demand generation for small-medium B2B tech & SaaS organisations

B2B demand generation

Introducing Ana Williams, one of six FINITE Ambassadors representing key topics in B2B tech and SaaS marketing. Our FINITE Ambassadors are set to support FINITE members, run events and pave the way for their chosen specialisms. As Global Director, Growth Marketing at Airship, Ana has a very busy schedule, so we’re so grateful to her…

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July 27, 2022

FINITE Fest session: Thought leadership in B2B tech marketing with Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead at Atlassian

B2B thought leadership framework

One of the most well-received sessions at FINITE Fest 2022 was a presentation by Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead at Atlassian, on thought leadership in B2B tech marketing. This comes as no surprise when one of the biggest trends in the industry this year is leveraging employees to grow a brand. Whether that’s leveraging deeply…

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July 27, 2022

Meet our FINITE Ambassador Siddharth Asokan: Expert in B2B tech and SaaS branding

B2B brand marketing

The launch of our FINITE Ambassadors marks a celebration of the FINITE community member-wide. In championing our talented cohort of experienced B2B tech and SaaS marketing leaders, we can offer more support, value and opportunities to the community. That’s why we want to introduce you to Siddharth Asokan, CMO at Softwire and expert in B2B…

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July 26, 2022

The 10 most-listened FINITE B2B marketing podcasts

Top 10 B2B marketing podcasts

With over 100 episodes in two years, it’s safe to say the FINITE B2B Marketing Podcast is a treasure trove of marketing insights for B2B marketers in tech and SaaS. The main aim of the series is to provide valuable, tangible advice that listeners can implement in their own strategies as soon as they hear…

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July 21, 2022

Meet our FINITE Ambassador Kylie Whitehead: Expert in content and messaging in B2B tech marketing

B2B content and messaging

After two exciting years of the FINITE community, it’s time to champion our members – The passionate, involved and generous B2B tech marketers who are a staple of the FINITE community. They’re the ones giving advice, sharing feedback and supporting other members wherever they can. What’s more, they’re experts in B2B tech and SaaS marketing,…

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July 11, 2022

New FINITE research reveals how a volatile economic climate is impacting marketing budgets in B2B tech & SaaS organisations in 2022

B2B tech marketing budgets 2022

Our new research finds one third of B2B tech and SaaS companies have reduced their marketing budgets in response to the changing economic climate in 2022. We surveyed members of our FINITE community to learn how an uncertain economy is impacting B2B tech and SaaS marketing budgets, and how these budgets might be affected in…

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July 11, 2022

FINITE Fest session: Building and consolidating a MarTech stack for scale

B2B martech stack

Amongst FINITE members – B2B marketers in tech and SaaS – a common challenge is choosing, evaluating and consolidating a MarTech stack. Not just one that keeps marketing operations and processes smooth, but one that helps to grow a business and scale revenue. That’s why at FINITE Fest, our annual virtual conference, we held a…

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June 23, 2022

FINITE Fest session: Creative solutions for tackling digital fatigue

Digital fatigue B2B marketing

FINITE Fest 2022 was the one-day, virtual conference with content, guests and talking points specifically focussed on B2B marketing in tech and SaaS. As well as other key trends and challenges in the industry, hundreds of attendees tuned in to a panel on creative solutions for tackling digital fatigue. If digital fatigue is a challenge…

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