When you gather ten B2B marketers on a single call, magic unfolds. Specifically, B2B tech marketing magic.

This month, our focus was on ‘cutting through the noise’—a daunting task in a market oversaturated and driven by growth-led venture capital. Marketers are in a fierce competition for the limelight, vying for the top advertising spots. Yet, even the victors are greeted by an audience weary of ads, quick to dismiss anything with a ‘sponsored’ tag.

Below, we present the key insights from our discussion, showcasing how leading B2B tech marketers are navigating changes in the market and consumer behaviour to effectively make their message heard.

Thank you to Benjamin O’Dell, Global Director of Demand Generation at Exclaimer, for joining the call to offer specialised advice.

Back to basics 

Quick growth and early investments are no substitutes for a solid value proposition. The consensus among marketers on the call? Marketing that directly addresses a specific audience challenge with clear value is unfailingly effective. Our FINITE community also highlighted the essence of authenticity—ensuring your value proposition is not only clear but proven.

If you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em 

Marketers often fall into the trap of producing fresh weekly, and even daily, content on social media. FINITE members at the hangout even recalled some smaller companies staying off of social platforms entirely, simply because they don’t know how to keep up! 

Quality trumps quantity, and a focus on enriching educational content is key, especially on professional platforms like LinkedIn.

All aboard the ABM train

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) remains a hot topic for good reason—it’s effective when executed properly. Alignment between sales and marketing is critical, as is the focus; targeting too broadly can dilute its impact. 

Success stories from our session suggest a 1:10 ratio can yield impressive results, with one member securing three out of ten targeted accounts in just four months.

Suggested tools: Warmly, Qualified, and Leadfeeder (cheaper through Pipedrive). 

AI is your ally  

Whilst AI might be contributing to the saturation of search and social, it also offers solutions. 

While AI contributes to the content deluge, it also offers solutions. Rather than generating content en masse, get ahead of algorithm changes by using AI to optimise your existing web content. Beyond optimisation, AI can assist in product naming and competitor analysis.

Engaging with AI opens avenues for customised tools designed for specific needs, including intent prediction and attribution tracking, as shared by a FINITE member developing such a tool.

Overall, our FINITE members decided that a sophisticated tech stack is a necessity for cutting through the noise. Having the right tools means you can get ahead of competitors, predict audience intent, perform successful ABM, and more. 

At the end of the call we decided what had to be done. Stay tuned for a list of recommended marketing tools, from FINITE members themselves.