London – June 29 2023 – Exclaimer, a leading email signature solution, has partnered with the FINITE community to provide insights and to support the careers of 2000+ members. The community is for B2B marketing professionals at technology and SaaS companies. 

Through high-quality events, original research and peer support, the FINITE community brings B2B marketers together to get ahead of trends and tackle industry challenges. This new partnership will bring Exclaimer’s marketing expertise to the fore through exciting new initiatives and thought leadership. 

Alex Price, Founder of FINITE, commented, “We can’t wait to get this partnership started, to bring our members cutting-edge insights into emerging marketing channels and challenges with traditional ones. Our members often discuss new tools they use to fuel organic growth, so it will be great to add to the conversation.” 

While Carol Howley, CMO at Exclaimer, commented, “Our partnership with FINITE presents a valuable opportunity to learn about our customers’ challenges and needs from their perspective. Equally, we’re excited to share our own experiences and insights, both as a SaaS company as well as a B2B marketing company that works with customers to unlock new growth opportunities through new marketing channels.” 

To find out more about FINITE head to and apply for a free membership.