Since the start of FINITE, our community has provided B2B technology marketers with knowledge, connection and career growth through content, events and opportunities…

We’ve kept a keen eye on trends – following the industry and relaying new research and headlines so our members stay ahead of the curve.

Recently, we’ve been paving the way, doing our own research and hearing from our own members about their commentary on B2B tech marketing in 2022.

That’s where Clarity comes in. They want to help.

Clarity are a global, fast-growing marketing and communications agency and are specialists in growing tech organisations.

In sponsoring FINITE, we’ll work together to bring more cutting-edge research, insights from world-leading B2B marketers and events that will help our members connect face-to-face.

To find out more about Clarity, head to their website.

Alex Price, Founder of FINITE, says…

“Receiving support from Clarity marks an exciting step of growth for the FINITE community. We’re set for an exciting year ahead with new initiatives and opportunities that can fulfil the FINITE manifesto: to help B2B technology and SaaS marketers connect, share, learn and grow.”