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Welcome to the FINITE B2B marketing in technology podcast!

Join us as we sit down with experienced marketers from leading B2B technology, SaaS & software companies and explore the latest trends and challenges in B2B marketing for ambitious modern day marketers.

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Looking for a new B2B marketing podcast?

We launched the FINITE B2B technology marketing podcast in Q1 2019, after lots of feedback from the FINITE community. Over the last year or so, we’ve had some great senior marketers and CMOs from leading B2B SaaS & technology companies speak at our events here in London, and the vision for our podcast is for a wider audience of ambitious marketers to keep up to date with B2B marketing trends.

Each episode of the FINITE B2B marketing in technology podcast features an interesting senior marketer from a business in the B2B technology, SaaS & software sector, ranging from VC backed startups to global enterprises. FINITE founder and host Alex Price sits down with each of our podcast guests as we explore a particular trend, challenge or area of passion of our interviewee, whilst also finding out about their journey into the world of B2B SaaS marketing and their experiences working in B2B technology businesses.

Whether it’s aligning sales and marketing, balancing data and creativity or making sense of attribution, our mission with the FINITE B2B technology marketing podcast is to share useful and insightful content along with genuinely actionable tips for our members of the FINITE community and beyond.

If you know someone who you would like us to have as a guest, then do get in touch and we’ll do our best to invite them on to the podcast.