As the summer season kicks off, the B2B tech marketing community is ready to embrace their high lead gen targets after a slow start to 2024. With 85% of FINITE members setting more ambitious lead-gen goals in 2024, and the majority seeing low results from their channels so far, we need to connect, share, learn, and beat these challenges together! 

A big thank you to our community partner, Clarity, without which the FINITE community would not be possible. Clarity worked with the FINITE team to run this research, and deliver insights that enhance the careers and output of B2B tech marketers around the world. 

Community Insights: Budgets on the Rise

From our recent survey, 41% of B2B tech marketers entered 2024 with increased budgets.

Meanwhile, 38% are maintaining steady budgets, and 22% face tighter financial constraints. With budget variation in our community, we’re set to explore solutions for all financial situations, so that all FINITE members can meet their lead gen targets in H2. 

Navigating the Challenges

While the increase in resources is encouraging, 94% of our members report being affected by challenges in their lead generation efforts!

The vast majority of us are navigating obstacles like low results, high expectations, and the impending cookie depreciation. Through events, peer support, and content, we share tactics, experiences, and opportunities to overcome these hurdles together.


Key Channels: Paid Search and Integrated Campaigns

In a quest to drive value, paid search and integrated campaigns are top performers for B2B marketers in 2024. With most marketers seeing poor results from their channels, perhaps B2B marketers need to be a bit more savvy with their tactics. 

Enhancing Alignment with Sales

A significant concern among our members is the effective utilization of leads by sales teams.

With 44% feeling that sales teams are not maximizing lead potential, fostering better collaboration and alignment between marketing and sales is a shared priority. 

As we gear up for H2 of 2024, we see a landscape full of challenges but also rich with opportunities. Higher lead generation targets call for robust planning, diligent execution, and supportive community engagement. By connecting, sharing, and learning together, we can surpass our ambitious goals and drive unprecedented growth and innovation in B2B performance marketing.

Stay tuned for events and opportunities to connect coming soon!