VP Corporate Marketing at TraceLink

Brian Daleiden

Whether it is starting from scratch or jumping into an empty seat and grabbing an oar, Brian Daleiden enjoys multi-faceted opportunities to build marketing and product strategies, develop and nurture transformational teams, and create and deploy multi-phase programs for products and services that have opened new markets.

Laser-focused on success, as VP Corporate Marketing at TraceLink, he brings to the table strong thought leadership, diversified cradle-to-grave market and product development perspective, and a passion for excellence. Brian believes the ongoing, value-based conversation with the customer/prospect that marketing can build is job one. Marketing should not be a silo that shouts product platitudes at a customer but rather an integrated partner in telling the story that resonates with the very soul of the customer. In this regard, he continually engages with his colleagues to find innovative ways to build conversations that not only fill customer needs but stimulate new levels of unexpected desires.