CMO at Quickbase

Eric Olson

Eric believes great marketers take very complex things and make them elegantly simple and actionable, and that’s what software does too.

He started his career building a $140M online education business through a mix of direct marketing and sales. Tired of living on airplanes and public company life, he moved into a CEO role at an early stage start up, trying his hand at fundraising and early stage growth for the first time. They built a remarkable culture, transitioned the business from an SMB focus to an enterprise model and, ultimately, took the business from a tiny $400K fledgling to a reputable enterprise software company that was sold to JackRabbit Systems in 2016.

Eric is now CMO at Quickbase, helping businesses mitigate risk, reduce waste, and cut down on unexpected costs by connecting their existing systems with key contributors. Alongside his wide, Eric co-leads the Sidney Mae Olson Rainbow Fund, helping children access active lives without limits.