Global Sr. Director Product Marketing at Bloom Energy

Rebecca Stamps

Rebecca has been in the Industrial Power Distribution Industry for over 20 years, primarily in North America for General Electric and ABB with experience in the Asia Region with Rockwell Automation. She enjoys working with customers to understand their needs and fitting them with the right products and services so that they have the lowest cost of ownership today with the right infrastructure in place to help them be ready for the future. Her passion is data analytics, operational excellence and a keen focus on superior customer experience and products that bring customer value.

In 2022, Rebecca found her real passion to work with companies and organizations that are rethinking the way we use fuel and power our lives. She found her new home at Bloom Energy. Bloom Energy is dedicating their time, energy and resources toward decarbonization and is helping the world with the Energy transformation required to offset global warming. Rebecca’s job as Global Senior Director of Product Marketing leverages her decades of experience in the power industry, and helps transform it into something cleaner, more resilient and sustainable.