CMO, Teamwork

Tara Robertson

Tara joined Teamwork in February 2021 as Chief Marketing Office and has over 20 years of global experience leading award winning marketing and sales teams. With a passion for growth and results driven marketing, Tara is experienced in managing full funnel marketing strategies that drive both customer acquisition and retention. She believes that marketing should be focused on value first; whether that is through a sales assisted or product led model and marketing impact is driven through direct revenue attribution. Tara’s leadership perspective and results have given her the opportunity to be invited to speak at notable Industry conferences such as SaaStr, SaaStock, INBOUND, SaaSfest (now RECUR), and more. In addition to delivering strong impact across her department, Tara is also passionate about her work as an ally for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and served on the DEI leadership team in a prior role.

Before Teamwork, Tara was the Head of Customer Marketing at Sprout Social. Prior to that, she was the VP Marketing at Hotjar and VP Marketing and Creative Services for TSL Marketing, a platinum HubSpot agency whose clients included IBM, SAP, Aon, and Capgemini.