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    Trends, challenges & insights in B2B marketing from the FINITE B2B Marketing Podcast for B2B tech, software & SaaS marketers.

The FINITE B2B Marketing Podcast is the podcast for B2B marketers in tech, software & SaaS to strengthen their skills, stay ahead of the curve and expand their careers. Each episode of the B2B marketing podcast provides actionable tips for our FINITE community of B2B tech & SaaS marketers and beyond. 

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Past B2B marketing podcast guests include leaders from…

On the FINITE B2B Marketing Podcast we cover all traditional, new and emerging topics in B2B marketing such as…

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Meet our host Alex


With a background in B2B digital marketing himself, Alex wants to know everything there is to know about B2B marketing in tech! Keeping up to date with such a fast-paced industry can seem rather daunting, so leave it up to Alex to track down the best B2B marketers, and squeeze out all of their knowledge. 


Alex is also the Founder of FINITE – our community of B2B marketers in tech. Alex saw an opportunity for B2B marketers to break out of their small and siloed teams, to come together and to talk about what they love best. 


Connect with Alex on LinkedIn and Twitter 

Frequently asked questions

When and why did the FINITE Podcast start?

The FINITE B2B Marketing Podcast was created in March 2019 in response to feedback we received from the FINITE community. They wanted a no-frills, tangible and helpful podcast that provides actionable advice to advance B2B marketing skills.

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary with a list of our top ten tips from our favourite episodes.

Where can I listen to the FINITE B2B Marketing Podcast?

We currently host the FINITE Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts and the FINITE website. Let us know if you’d like the FINITE B2B marketing podcast to be on your favourite podcasting platform!

Who are the FINITE Podcast listeners?

Our FINITE Podcast listeners come from all over the world! We’ve got listeners in Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Israel, Germany, India, France, Sweden, Norway, Canada and more! Many come from our member-only community, but the FINITE Podcast is free and open to all listeners. Within the FINITE B2B marketing community, we have members that range from marketing executive to head of marketing to VP Marketing or CMO at everything from small startup to global B2B enterprises.

Who sponsors the FINITE B2B Marketing Podcast?

The FINITE B2B Marketing Podcast is sponsored by 93x, the leading digital marketing agency for the B2B technology & SaaS sector. 93x deliver B2B SEO and B2B PPC specialist services that drive leads, pipeline & revenue for B2B tech & SaaS companies.

How often do B2B marketing podcast episodes come out?

A new episode of the FINITE B2B marketing podcast is released every single Monday. Subscribe on your preferred podcast platform to receive notifications and never miss an episode. Also, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter where we shout about new episodes each week.

How can I be a guest on the show?

If you’re a B2B marketer in tech with unique insights into the industry, apply to be a guest by filling out this quick form. We only accept applications from B2B marketers in tech, SaaS and software. You don’t need any special equipment, just good internet connection and experience-backed opinions!

Do you record video alongside the podcast?

We currently do not record video alongside the podcast. However, we are looking to expand into video soon on our B2B marketing podcast so watch this space.

Can I sponsor the FINITE B2B Marketing podcast?

We work with just a handful of partners each year at the FINITE community. If you’re interested in sponsoring the FINITE B2B marketing podcast and community, get in touch and we’d be happy to tell you more.

We’re always on the lookout for exciting guests to join us on the FINITE B2B marketing podcast. If you’re a B2B tech/SaaS marketer with interesting ideas or unique insights into trends, challenges and topics within the industry, then let us know.

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What is FINITE?


FINITE is the free, member only global community for ambitious B2B marketers in tech, SaaS and software to connect, learn and grow.

The FINITE community began in 2019, initially taking the form of London based meet ups for B2B tech marketers. 2020 was a turbulent year, but it only highlighted the importance of our mission to build a thriving community of ambitious B2B tech marketers in cities like London, New York, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Sydney and many other hubs around the world.

Now, we’re 2000+ members strong and host weekly B2B marketing podcasts, a monthly webinar series, a fortnightly newsletter on B2B tech news, interview series with senior B2B marketers and surveys & insights reports on B2B marketing trends.