It’s time for instalment #4 of the FINITE webinar & discussion series:

For this episode, we have x2 senior marketing leaders & x2 senior sales leaders talking all things marketing & sales alignment – we’re expecting a little friendly debate on the day!

28th of July at 11.00 BST – save the date!

On the agenda:

11.00 Introduction from Alex Price, Founder, FINITE   

11.10 Panel discussion: Deep dive into sales & marketing alignment

  • Has COVID-19 created an environment for sales & marketing teams to come together, or forced them apart?
  • Should you formally align sales & marketing through SLA’s or choose a more ‘informal’ team building approach?
  • Do we have to accept that marketing & sales are different character types?
  • Analyse whether technology & shared insight/visibility help drive alignment between the two team
  • Discuss whether the rise of the CRO/’Rev Ops’ help drive alignment as intended 
  • Share practical tips & tricks that our experts have picked up along the way 


Karla Rivershaw, Head of Marketing, Turtl

Roxanne Pocha, Director, London House Marketing 

James Ker-Reid, CEO & Founder, Sales for Start-Ups 

Richard Smith, Co-Founder & Head of Sales, Refract 


Alex Price, Founder, FINITE 

12.00 End of discussion

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