Keen to learn what’s on the minds of leading, ambitious B2B tech marketers this week? Read on.

We have just ran our FINITE member February Forum, a chance for B2B tech marketers to meet in an informal setting and discuss what’s on their mind, their challenges and most importantly get feedback from their peers. This month, we were joined by members from across the UK, US and Israel, seeing both familiar faces and meeting some of our new members who joined the FINITE community recently.

Here are some of the things discussed by our members: 

After a short round of introductions to set the scene, we kicked off the discussion by looking at PR, particularly discussing whether its better to keep this function in-house, or outsource to an agency. In this, many members found a happy medium in the past – to hire a rockstar freelancer.

Digital fatigue & events

In our recent research report, we found that the channel that grew in importance the most for B2B tech marketers was webinars. The Forum only underlined the important role that virtual events continue to play well into 2021. But challenges remain around understanding how to run webinars better with an engaged audience.

The group generally agreed that live events are the way to go, as frankly people no longer want to be lectured to for an hour. Keeping things bitesize is also key (15-20 min) while interaction/gamification/quizzes to raise engagement in webinars with a longer time frame (1 hour) can also add value. 

B2B gated content

To gate or not to gate? In particular, the conversation centred around the difficulty of tying gated content to revenue. The answer was more nuanced than ‘gated or not gated’ and came down to these factors: 

  • Decide whether the value of your content is enough for prospects to give their information, or whether it is better served for SEO purposes on your blog
  • Creating a clear follow up plan on the leads you receive through this. Should all leads be treated equally? Who will follow up on the most important leads? What does lead nurturing look like?
  • Type of gated content is important – are you able to offer something more practical like a template, or calculator of some sort to immediately give value to the prospects

Unlocking martech budgets

The group also discussed best strategy for creating a business case study to unlock more spending on MarTech budgets. The art in this is to clearly demonstrate the link to revenue. For example, if you’re looking at marketing automation spend, you need to demonstrate how it will affect productivity and innovation in the team, with a clear link on how this will impact overall business revenue. 

If you’re keen to join the next Forum, make sure you are a FINITE member. Membership is free for B2B tech marketers thanks to our sponsors. You can apply here.