Welcome to new members!

We’re super excited to welcome so many new members to FINITE over the last few weeks, and are even more excited to have met some of them during our FINITE Forum in January. This was a busy one, as B2B tech marketers get ready to execute those airtight plans and objectives for 2021.

What is a FINITE Forum?

FINITE Forums are a chance for around 10 of our members to get together on a video call in an informal, relaxed setting. The conversation is moderated by our Founder, Alex, to make sure we cover as many raised challenges as the one hour slot allows, but all the feedback and solutions come as suggestions from peers on the call who are often facing the same challenges, or speak from past experience. FINITE Forums provide our members with a chance to engage and connect with other B2B tech marketers on a more personal level.

In our January Forum we discussed a wide variety of topics:

  • Sustainably building a marketing strategy in an equity funded business, where targets are sky high and delivering results is key
  • Marketing budgets and the strategy to determine them
  • How to successfully expand your product into new verticals
  • The importance of ‘going where your clients are’ to support growth
  • Engagement metrics, lead scoring, lead decay, recycling leads, and when to ‘let them go’
  • Event landscape, the challenges of planning, and hybrid events

Members also shared their favourite event tools:

  • Hopin, particularly great for event sponsorship opportunities and creating virtual ‘booths’ for event partners
  • Remo, for its interesting approach to networking through the creation of virtual tables and rooms
  • ON24, as an alternative platform

It was a great session – so thank you very much to all our members who joined and shared their experience, tips, and challenges so candidly with the group.

If you’re already a FINITE member, and would like to join the February FINITE Forum on the 17th, please drop us a note on Slack or via email. If you’re not a member, what are you waiting for? Head HERE.