We just had our first FINITE member hangout of 2022! 

FINITE member hangouts are an opportunity for B2B tech marketers to solve challenges together and learn from each other. They’re a space for great discussion about B2B tech marketing, and get our brain cogs turning towards optimum strategies.

We kicked off the discussion with an introduction of each member and an overview of the current challenges they are facing. Some members didn’t have obstacles to address but listened and learned from other inspiring attendees.

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How can B2B tech marketers manage the expectations of board members and the C-suite?

One FINITE member on the call faced the challenge of managing expectations from board members. This is a common challenge we see amongst our community as B2B tech marketers have to wrestle with other business priorities. Their capabilities can also be limited by the uncertainty of the future. 

During the discussion, one of the members shared her experience in tackling this issue. They found that it’s key to be agile along the way. Furthermore, it’s important to build trust with board members, C-suite executives and sales. In order to build trust, board members need to be fully informed about marketing activities. Sales need to align with the marketing team through shared goals.

Content segmentation for self-serve models

It’s important to segment your target audience when embracing a self-serve model. One of the members shared that they would tailor their content according to the deal size. For instance, content focusing on best practices is for C-suite. In contrast, practical demos could be more useful for less senior stakeholders. 

In other words, clearly identify customers’ needs and give them the content they need. It’s something all B2B content marketers know but can often be forgotten in the marketing mix. 

Building brand awareness beyond social media

Social media is a go-to strategy to create brand awareness for B2B tech companies. But what can we do beyond social media to create a bigger buzz for brands and build new impressions? This is another challenge that one of the members is facing.

One way of reaching brand marketing objectives is through partnerships. On the recent FINITE Podcast, Alex had a chat with James Bridgman from Pollinate. James shared his experience on how their company benefited from collaborating with big companies. A partnership could help both sides gain mutual benefits by complementing one’s strengths with another’s weaknesses and vice versa.

Implementing environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) in B2B tech

It’s not new that investors and customers would prefer to affiliate with companies that match their ESG value. Hence, B2B companies face the challenge of integrating ESG into their product or service. Also, they need to ensure they deliver their ESG message. 

One member mentioned that besides setting up campaigns to emphasise the company’s ESG values, you could visualise the production process. By putting the process into numbers, companies can showcase this to clients.

Experience with AI content tools

Finally, we had a quick discussion about the experience of AI to write B2B tech marketing content. One of our FINITE members had used it in the past. He shared that for with articles’ purpose to help a website rank higher. To have AI start the piece and content writers edit can decrease the costs and time involved in content creation.

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