We just had our October FINITE member hangout, and it was such a blast! Once again, FINITE members came together virtually to indulge our mutual passion: B2B tech marketing. 

After a round of introductions and a welcome from FINITE Founder Alex, we had a fantastic conversation that solved our member’s challenges and inspired deeper thought about success in a B2B tech marketing strategy. 

Want to know what our group discussed? Keep reading… 

Low quality leads

A few of our members struggle with only generating low quality leads. What’s a low quality lead? One that doesn’t fit your ideal customer persona. To tackle this challenge, segment your accounts as much as possible and target people with relevant domain and email addresses. Personalise this targeting as much as possible to ensure you’re delivering the right message to the right audience. 

In general, if you’re targeting large enterprises or mid-sized businesses, these will always be more difficult to acquire.


In B2B tech marketing, it’s often helpful to know which businesses are using which tools through nano-segmentation. This can help you see whether they certain businesses are in-market or not, and if they’re already using a competing product. Integrations with Built With, crust.co and Intricately allow you to see which companies use these competing products. LinkedIn Sales Navigator goes one step further, and allows you to see the individuals within organisations that might be using those tools. 

Measuring awareness campaigns and their ROI 

One FINITE member is faced with the challenge of measuring the ROI of their awareness campaigns. They wanted to know how they can tell whether their brand building campaigns are working, and how to tie it back to the pipeline.  

Certain attribution models can indicate the success of awareness campaigns, such as first touch or last touch. You can also score leads by the pages they look at on your website, social media posts and email open and engagement rates. You can track all of this with fully encompassing tools such as HubSpot. 

Remember, brand awareness takes time, sometimes six months and longer. You’re trying to build an impression in your audience’s minds for when they’re ready to buy. This means it will always be difficult to tie back to revenue. 

Another FINITE member highlighted that an increase in category awareness is not necessarily an indication of brand awareness success. So you need to be careful when looking at the state of your space and tying it back to your own marketing.

New tools and opportunities with intent data 

One FINITE member has taken on a task of capturing the buying intent of their target audience with tools like 6sense. They mentioned that by the time a prospect visits your website, they’ve already done 60% of their research. 

6sense works with around 3 million B2B websites to see which topics are being researched by your target accounts. This means you can see which ones are looking to buy at the moment and how you can encourage them to. 

With the Google update phasing out third party cookies from 2022, tools that use alternative first party insights with first party cookies will be very valuable for B2B tech marketers. However, if you’re looking to acquire enterprise accounts, 6sense can’t tell you who exactly in an organisation is searching for particular topics. For large organisations, knowing who is doing so is key to optimised targeting. 

Helping sales leads become opportunities 

In order for sales leads to become opportunities, it’s important to have the right messaging for specific clusters of accounts, as well as personalisation on a landing page. One FINITE member is facing the challenge of producing enough content, assets and messaging for each customer segment in a creative way that captures interest.  

It would be ideal to have a dedicated designer and copywriter internally within the marketing team to produce this, as they would have the right skills and technical ability. These roles would know how to translate pain points into value propositions at scale. With limited resources, agencies and freelancers offer an alternative solution.  

If you like the sound of this discussion, be sure to join the next one! Keep an eye out for an announcement via email, and if you’re a B2B tech marketer and not a FINITE member yet, apply for a free membership here.