When: May 1st

Where: WeWork, The Bower (Old St)

207 Old St, London EC1V 9NR

Hello Finiters! Our next FINITE evening is all about the sometimes painful issue of B2B Marketing and Sales Alignment. Sign up here

Alignment between sales and marketing teams in B2B companies is a continuous process of growth, communication, and commitment to practicing the strategies that will generate high-quality leads and sales.

The B2B Buying cycle have rapidly evolved, which means it has become ever more crucial for sales and marketing strategies to shift and align… but how?

Join us for our carefully curated selection of industry experts, with 2 use cases and a panel discussion with a Q&A. We’ll ask the people who have succeeded, questions such as:

  • Whether ABM is the solution or if there’s another way?
  • In smaller companies, is there even a need for a formal process?
  • Do marketers need to embrace revenue responsibility?
  • Once aligned, how do marketing and sales teams remain coherent?

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