On the 28th of July we hosted #4 of our webinar & discussion series. This time, focused on a topic that has come up in most previous webinars & is often the key talking point during the small, roundtable FINITE member discussions: Sales & marketing alignment. So we figured to give the topic the attention it deserves & find two sales leaders & two marketing leaders – and let them talk through the nitty gritty of the subject based on their past experience.

The result?

An honest, open, informative conversation on the subject littered with gems of wisdom & advise. Here are some of the key take aways for us:

  • Although COVID-19 has made sales & marketing teams more physically distant, because of necessity to switch marketing channels and (re)divert resources, (mostly away from physical events & into other channels) sales & marketing teams are now arguably more dependant on each other, and so more aligned & closer than before. 

  • There is a need for sales reps to become more diversified in their talents, whether that means becoming better copywriters on Linkedin to engage/generate own leads, or through the creation of a new functions such as MDRs – Marketing Development Representatives.

  • The panel broadly agreed that the rev ops/CRO/CCO role is one that should work in theory. Yet when looking at examples & past experience, hardly any panellists have seen the role executed to its potential, and often due to the background of the CRO, has ended up being focused/driven by sales.

To catch-up on the full webinar, apply for a free FINITE membership. Details on how to watch will follow shortly after this.