At FINITE, we believe that the best communities are the ones that mix between online, and the real world.

Therefore, as well as this dedication to creating the most valuable knowledge hub for B2B Marketers in the technology and software space, here on FINITE, we’ve created a private community and meetup for client-side marketers. Our focus is on sharing, learning and networking in an open environment. Together we share the latest research, trends, insights, advice and ideas to become more effective marketers, all at a central London based meetup.

Who should attend this meetup?

Marketers working within a B2B technology or software company (not an agency) – i.e. marketing managers, CMOs, marketing directors, content marketers, digital marketing executives – you get the idea…

Whether you’re looking to hear about the latest trends within B2B technology marketing, revolutionise your content strategy, take your website to the next level, solve that burning CRM issue or transform your marketing through automation, the B2B Technology Marketing Meetup could be the meetup for you!

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