FINITE Fest 2022 was the one-day, virtual conference with content, guests and talking points specifically focussed on B2B marketing in tech and SaaS.

As well as other key trends and challenges in the industry, hundreds of attendees tuned in to a panel on creative solutions for tackling digital fatigue.

If digital fatigue is a challenge you’re facing at the moment in your B2B marketing, with apathetic audiences and declining engagement rates, this panel is for you!

We’ve clipped up a few of our favourite bits of the session so that you can gain key learnings and takeaways from our all-star guests.

The panellists were:

Here are the key takeaways:

Is engagement a valuable B2B marketing metric?

Do valuable B2B marketing events trump entertaining ones?

How can you replicate the human aspect of B2B F2F events virtually?