One of the most well-received sessions at FINITE Fest 2022 was a presentation by Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead at Atlassian, on thought leadership in B2B tech marketing. This comes as no surprise when one of the biggest trends in the industry this year is leveraging employees to grow a brand. Whether that’s leveraging deeply specialised managers who have great content ideas, or taking advantage of the flourishing LinkedIn network of an exec, thought leadership is a marketing tactic that works.

At FINITE Fest 2022, the one-day, virtual conference for B2B marketers in tech and SaaS, we heard from the best, and gained tactical advice we can implement in our strategies today. At the thought leadership session, Ashley provided a clear, digestible framework that outlines the key factors in B2B thought leadership programmes. We don’t want to keep all this great insight to ourselves! You can find some of the key takeaways in the videos below.

Here are the key takeaways:

Why C-suite execs might not be the best choice for your B2B thought leadership programme

How increase the credibility of a B2B thought leader

What’s the difference between an influencer and a thought leader?