We’ve just had our virtual May FINITE Forum. We were joined by early risers in the UK and France as well as FINITE members across the world in Melbourne. 

FINITE Forums are a chance for around 10 of our members to get together on a video call in an informal, relaxed setting. The conversation is moderated by our Founder, Alex, to make sure we cover most challenges in the meeting, but all the feedback and solutions come as suggestions from peers on the call who are often facing the same challenges, or speak from past experience.

FINITE Forums provide our members with a chance to engage and connect with other B2B tech marketers on a more personal level.

B2B tech marketing attribution

After a round of introductions, we dived straight into a discussion about marketing attribution. In particular, how to conduct it when your sales team isn’t using the CRM or inputting the key data you need. How do you approach this subject with the sales team? What’s the best way of motivating your sales team to use the data? 

Marketing campaign attribution 

We dived into marketing attribution in a lot more detail when the group spoke on attributing the success of a campaign. What’s the best strategy to understand which of your pages are performing well? How can you understand your customer’s user journey and behaviour?  

The group mentioned Google Analytics, Ruler Analytics, ProfitWell and Chargify as tools that can be useful for B2B marketing attribution. 

Best acquisition channels 

The discussion then turned to acquisition channels. It was no surprise that the main challenge of finding the best acquisition channel was allocation of time and resources. 

“Use PPC to perfect your proposition, then roll it out across all your other channels” 

The group agreed that a PPC campaign is your best choice to deliver leads to your business if you have time constraints and limited budget. PPC should work alongside events and PR for lead generation. Once you’ve perfected your proposition using the quick results of PPC, you can use this across your other channels. 

What comes after PPC?

The discussion turned to the other side of PPC – what do you do if you have reached ’the glass ceiling’ of PPC? What’s the next best channel to ensure that you are still acquiring leads? 

“Focus on evergreen content and then repurpose it.” 

Ideas floated amongst the group, with one being affiliate marketing as a way to generate leads post PPC. However, affiliate marketing can have high barriers to entry, such as high costs. 

Another suggestion was content creation which you can then repurpose across all of your channels. For example, if you’ve produced a webinar, include a short clip in an email to the contacts who did not attend. You could even promote short clips of the webinar across social media channels. 

The overarching suggestion made by the group is to focus on evergreen content. That way you can optimise and reuse it as the years go by. 

B2B positioning strategies 

Lastly, we discussed how to devise the best value proposition for products. Particularly if by design, your final customers are actually 2-3 steps removed from you? 

All FINITE members in this forum had strong suggestions for positioning. They mentioned resources on April Dunford’s website, and the book “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller.