FINITE Fest is the free one day virtual conference covering B2B tech marketing trends like ABM, SEO, event marketing and marketing attribution. Hundreds of B2B tech marketers tuned in on the 13th May 2021 to watch 32 leading marketers speak over 12 sessions. 

At our ABM panel, we heard from five leading marketers on how to find the best ABM approach for your B2B tech company. 

The panel answered:

  • Why is ABM trending in B2B marketing at the moment?
  • What role have ABM technology vendors played in pushing the ABM trend?
  • How can a marketer get started on the ABM path?
  • Is there a standard set of measurements across ABM campaigns? 
  • How does ABM facilitate sales and marketing alignment? 
  • How do you start to scale an ABM campaign?
  • Is ABM an approach best suited for large companies? 
  • Do you need a dedicated ABM team? 
  • Are there any resources to learn more about ABM? 

Thank you to our ABM experts: Fiona Gallagher, Head of EMEA Field Marketing at LinkedIn, Emmanuel Aremu, Marketing Lead at Community Growth Ventures, Gabrielle Pirzad, Field Marketing & ABM Leader, UK & Ireland at IBM and Santiago Dominguez, ABM Marketing Manager at Autodesk. Moderated by Brian Kardon, CMO at InVision.

How to start an ABM programme

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We’ve produced a podcast on building ABM from the ground up, as well as a webinar about ABM for B2B tech marketers