FINITE Fest is the free one day virtual conference covering B2B tech marketing trends, such as SEO, ABM, marketing operations and attribution. Hundreds of B2B tech marketers tuned in on the 13th May 2021 to watch 32 leading marketers speak over 12 sessions. 

At our marketing attribution panel, our expert panel revealed their tips on monitoring the success of campaigns and proving the value of marketing to executive leaders. They discussed return on marketing investment (ROMI), customer acquisition cost (CAC), key metrics and tools you can use for marketing attribution. 

The panel covered: 

  • Where to start on marketing attribution if you’re building a B2B tech marketing function from scratch
  • How to implement marketing technology to track attribution 
  • The best marketing attribution models for annual recurring revenue 
  • How ROMI helps you prioritise strategy in the long and short term
  • Why machine learning is more effective than traditional analytics

Thank you to our B2B marketing attribution experts: Radmila Blazheska, CMO at SecurityHQ, Barbara Johnson, CMO/COO at Kortical, Tom Dubois, Worldwide Marketing Director at OneSpan. Moderated by Christy Marble, CMO at Pantheon Platform

How to use Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to measure the ROI of marketing

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We’ve held an online discussion on marketing attribution for B2B tech marketers, and we produce weekly podcasts that often discuss ROI, such as Optimise the B2B funnel and Brand vs performance marketing