After two exciting years of the FINITE community, it’s time to champion our members – The passionate, involved and generous B2B tech marketers who are a staple of the FINITE community.

They’re the ones giving advice, sharing feedback and supporting other members wherever they can.

What’s more, they’re experts in B2B tech and SaaS marketing, with decades of experience between them, deep specialisms and an understanding of the industry like no others.

Now, we want to share them with the world. Meet Kylie Whitehead, Head of Content at PolyAI, content and messaging expert, and our FINITE Ambassador.

Hey Kylie! We can’t thank you enough for getting involved as a FINITE Ambassador. As an introduction to the community, could you please share about your background in marketing and your current role?  

I’ve worked in marketing for 12 years. I started off in PR for an online auction house that specialised in celebrity memorabilia. It was a real jumping-into-the-deep-end start to my career. At one point I ended up on BBC News defending the sale of an ex US president’s dried blood…

Since then, I’ve worked with a number of early stage startups, finally landing at PolyAI – a London based AI company building voice assistants for enterprise customer service. I’m currently Head of Content at PolyAI, a role that involves defining the way we speak about the product and delivering our messaging in a way that creates awareness, builds trust and ultimately generates leads. 

Dried blood… yuck! Moving on… what’s your favourite area of B2B tech marketing currently and why?

I love taking complex ideas and finding simple and engaging ways to communicate them. At PolyAI, I work with so many smart people who are more than happy to sit down with me and explain complex machine learning or contact center problems. I love getting into the details and understanding the component parts of different problems and solutions, and rebuilding those into stories that resonate with clients and prospects. 

Sounds like a fascinating role. What are the most common challenges you see B2B tech marketers facing in messaging and content at the moment?

For companies operating in new categories it can be challenging to help clients understand that new technologies are production ready. For example, a lot of people have had bad experiences with voice technologies. Think about the last time you called a customer support number and spoke to an automated system. Chances are it didn’t understand what you said, or made you guess which keywords you should be using. Enterprise buyers have tried these technologies and been disappointed.

The challenge for my team is communicating effectively that this technology is ready, that it does provide excellent customer experiences and that it has been successfully deployed with game-changing outcomes. 

Totally agree. Where do you see this area of B2B tech marketing headed next?

In order to communicate the benefits of new technologies effectively, B2B tech marketers are going to need to create a lot of content. The challenge will be finding effective ways to make this content stand out. B2B tech companies will need to create engaging and genuinely helpful educational experiences, explore new ways of demoing/trialing products, and be willing to lead the creation of new market categories.  

And what’s your favourite tool at the moment?

I’ve tried a lot of really interesting tools for B2B marketers including intent databases and competitive intelligence tools, but honestly my favourite tool is probably Google Docs. I always have a lot of projects competing from space in my brain and writing things down is how I make sense of them. There’s a lot of really interesting products out there, but there’s nothing that can make up for poor planning!

Google Docs is a classic! Finally, tell us a fun fact about you…

I’m also a published author. My debut novel ABSORBED came out in 2021 and I’m currently working on (or trying to work on!) a second novel.

So, that’s Kylie! Look out for more opportunities to discuss content and messaging, and meet our other FINITE Ambassadors in the coming weeks!