Every month, we ask a Marketer in B2B Tech the questions you may have been asking yourself. Today, at Finite, we talk to Hannah Voss, Growth Marketing manager at Fluidly, the fast-moving, internationally renowned, cash flow management software. She shares with us how she started out, her technology stack at Fluidly, and why she hates inforgraphics…

Q. What was your first role in marketing?

I started off working for an e-commerce startup in the health and fitness industry. We sold passes for hundreds of gyms across the UK and I was responsible for managing the paid search accounts. We had multiple, gigantic accounts with hundreds of thousands of keywords covering every single gym name and location in the UK. This taught me early on the power of automation!

Q. Which channels perform best for Fluidly currently?

Our fastest growing channel is organic search – we grew by 900% in 2018. We focus on producing high-quality content that’s useful for our audience, as well as making the most of any backlink opportunities.

Q. Is there additional pressure that comes with being a much-vaunted start-up rather than being an unknown quantity?

I would say any expectations held about Fluidly are a force for good rather than a force for bad – we have only been in the market for just over a year but the feedback we get from our audience is always that we are exciting and fresh. That’s a nice feeling but of course, we need to make sure we live up to the perception!

Q. Would you say data forms an important part of your marketing strategy?

Definitely. Data is vital to every decision we make. Equally as important are the processes that we put in place to collect the data and make sure everything joins up and tracks properly. It’s important to make sure that the way we handle information is scalable and doesn’t really on manual processes.

Q. Which marketing buzzword is not worth the hype?

Infographics! I’m not saying there’s no place for them if they are done well but I think it can be a lazy way to try and get backlinks that don’t actually provide that much value for the audience (or the business!). One of the most interesting things about SEO is that you have to constantly look for new and unusual ways to achieve results like getting backlinks – you can’t just rinse and repeat what everyone else is doing.

Q. Which marketing technology tools do you use at Fluidly?

We’re still shaping up our marketing tech stack as the business grows and needs change, but at the moment some key tools for us are Demio to provide webinars, Mixpanel to assess customer behaviour, Zapier to automate data collection and Intercom to provide great service to our customers.

Q. What’s your proudest marketing moment?

In 2018, Fluidly won three accounting awards (plus shortlisted for an additional one) – Innovation of the Year, Forecasting App of the Year, Xero Emerging App Partner of the Year and shortlisted for Practice App of the Year. Most players in the accounting tech space are much older than us and have significantly bigger teams and resources behind them so to be recognised so widely was really special.