When COVID-19 first struck I was a bit sad for FINITE, and all the work put in as well as the excitement building in our community for our upcoming events.

I started FINITE because I saw that marketing teams in B2B tech companies are often small, isolated, and navigating a sea of uncertainty. Isolation and uncertainty are two things that have grown exponentially in just the last few days as Coronavirus continues to impact the world.

And so after some reflection, right now FINITE’s mission feels even more exciting than it has ever been. We’ve always wanted to build a ‘community’ and not just another event series. That’s easy to say, but harder to do. Either way, that sense of community is going to be needed more than ever over the coming months.

We’ve been lucky to receive some lovely feedback on FINITE in the last few months. This message in particular received through LinkedIn from the CMO of a B2B tech company based in Paris came to mind when writing this:

When I first received the message, I knew we had already been planning to launch an online community for FINITE at some point, but initially our priority had been London focused events. But all that has now changed, and I can’t wait to have FINITE members join us from all around the world.

So, we’re planning to move our events into online/webinar formats. More on this soon.

But in the meantime I’m pleased to share we’re launching a Slack workspace for FINITE. I’m feeling even more energised about bringing the FINITE community together faster and stronger on Slack.

FINITE Slack Community

I know that Slack isn’t for everyone (I have a love-hate relationship with it myself). But it’s the tool our members are most likely to already be using, and the sensible space to take FINITE online.

So, here’s what happens next:

For existing members: keep an eye on your emails – instructions will arrive over the coming days from our events & community manager Sasha on how to join.

For non members: apply to join FINITE on this page, and if approved your welcome email will include instructions for joining Slack too.

I’m wishing all of our members the very best over the next few months – know that fellow marketers are here to help you navigate the rocky seas ahead. I’m looking forward to connecting with you in the FINITE Slack community soon!

Alex Price