B2B marketers know that content is king. But where should this content go? On your blog? Or somewhere else? 

Amit Bivas, as part of his role as VP Global Marketing at Optimove, also leads a standalone publication for CRM marketers called PostFunnel. PostFunnel is a brand building machine, as it positions Optimove as thought leaders within the CRM space. 

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast for B2B marketers, Alex talks to Amit about how PostFunnel came about, why it works and how he runs it.

Listen to the full episode to learn about:

  • About Amit’s career in B2B marketing at Optimove
  • How to grow as a marketer as the business grows 
  • What the marketing function at Optimove looks like 
  • Why content should be a separate publication from your company blog
  • How Amit knew to set up a standalone publication
  • How to separate content between the blog and publication
  • How to link a publication with your brand
  • How can content continue evolving? 
  • Other ways to build the brand of a publication 

Find the full episode here:

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