Buyer enablement can reduce the friction of a complex B2B buyer journey. 

In this FINITE Podcast episode, we talked to Ali Din who currently works at Indeed in B2B Enterprise Experience Marketing. Ali has plenty of experience with long, enterprise sales cycles where buyer enablement helps to champion prospects to advocate for a product internally and to get buy in from 10+ decision makers. 

Listen to our B2B marketing podcast to find out tactics you can use to encourage your leads to turn into customers. 

Find more information about the complexity of the B2B buying journey by Gartner, and Ali’s article here.

Listen to the full episode to learn about:

  • Ali’s experience in B2B marketing and buyer enablement 
  • What is buyer enablement? 
  • Why is buyer enablement important for B2B marketing in particular? 
  • The ideal stage to capture a buyer
  • The starting point to implement buyer enablement 
  • To gate or un-gate content 
  • Ways to enable a buyer through content 
  • How to tackle conflicting buying options 
  • Additional ways to enable a buyer 
  • The overlap between buyer enablement and sales enablement 
  • Tools for buyer enablement 
  • Current B2B marketing challenges

Find the full episode here:

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