More and more B2B tech marketers are thinking long term about how they can build lasting relationships with their audience. Brand publishing is a way to build those relationships by delivering value and increasing trust.

On this episode of the FINITE podcast, Alex and Kathleen Booth, CMO at, will be diving deep into brand publishing and moving away from traditional B2B content marketing strategies.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • About Kathleen and her role at
  • What stage is at the moment?
  • What is the difference between content marketing and brand publishing?
  • Should we always tie back the content to our products or services?
  • Does content come in different formats?
  • Why do more companies not invest in additional content?
  • What are the upcoming challenges to target content to the right audience?
  • Do we still have to measure the results of brand publishing?
  • Is it necessary to have sponsored content on our media platform?
  • Advice for B2B tech and SaaS companies

Find full episode here:

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