On this episode of the FINITE B2B Tech Marketing Podcast, you will learn a step by step guide to building  an inbound media engine for your B2B technology company.

An inbound engine will make use of content to reach and influence your target market.

We were joined by the Senior Vice President of Marketing at HubSpotKieran Flanagan, who is an industry leader in content marketing. Kieran created this step by step guide to help marketers plan a winning content formula.

Alex and Kieran break down the steps and go in depth to find tactical ways you can balance quantity and quality, even as a small team.

Listen to the full episode to learn about:

  • Kieran’s role at HubSpot
  • Why software companies now own media companies 
  • Start with a problem statement to find your content’s purpose 
  • The three main categories of content publishing 
  • Choosing the right channels for content 
  • Unique inputs for each category of content 
  • Creating an inbound engine with a small team 
  • Balancing quantity of content with quality 
  • Creating a promotion playbook 
  • Measuring the right KPIs for content performance 
  • Aligning content generation within a large organisation 

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