Technical buyers have unique attributes, challenges and demands that B2B tech marketers should take into consideration. 

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, Alex sat down with Laura Hauser, Head of Marketing at Adaptavist – a global technology and innovative solutions provider of Atlassian apps.

Laura and Alex discuss key differences between marketing technical and non-technical products, and aspects a B2B marketer should assess in terms of channels, messaging and strategy. 

Listen to the full episode to learn about:

  • Laura’s background in B2B tech marketing and the marketing at Adaptavist 
  • The unique aspects of marketing technical products 
  • Typical personas for technical marketing 
  • Common attributes of technical buyers
  • The benefits of bottom-up selling for technical products  
  • How marketing and product teams should be aligned 
  • Do technology marketers need a technical education?
  • Are product teams and marketing teams growing more aligned? 
  • How to find a brand voice for a technical persona 
  • The benefits of community marketing for technical buyers 
  • How to cut through the noise in marketing

Find the full episode here:

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