If you’re sick of the same-old when it comes to your own B2B tech marketing strategy, you’ll probably want to adopt Patrick Ward’s marketing transformation mindset.

In this episode of the FINITE B2B marketing podcast, Patrick – who is currently VP of Marketing at Rootstrap, the engineers behind Masterclass – shares his advice on beating boring, stale marketing.

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Listen to the episode to learn:

  • About Patrick and his background in B2B tech marketing
  • How has the B2B tech marketing landscape shifted recently? 
  • How is growth hacking misshapen and inhuman? 
  • Can brand marketing beat stale boring B2B tech marketing? 
  • What are the five steps towards marketing transformation? 
  • Why is a company story so important? 
  • How can you understand the language of a customer?
  • How does employee advocacy work in B2B tech marketing? 
  • What does brand really mean for a B2B tech company? 

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