This episode of the FINITE Podcast is an honest, transparent conversation with a young, ambitious B2B tech CMO, who accredits his success to three personal attributes: ambition, energy and importantly, humility.

Tom Furr, currently CMO at legal-tech DISCO, has risen to B2B leadership from a background in brand. Despite having not gone to uni, and dropping out of school at 16, Tom’s approach to business is one of learning; learning from other leaders and learning from his team. 

Listen to the episode to hear how Tom feels being the youngest exec in the boardroom, while leading an ambitious marketing team from an office bigger than his living room. 

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • Why Tom was hired as a CMO
  • How to differentiate yourself for career success
  • How reporting to a chief revenue officer affects a B2B business
  • Having business-level conversations as a CMO 
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • The pressure of making big decisions as a B2B business leader
  • Why CMOs come in and change everything
  • Tips for starting as a CMO for the first time

Find the full episode here:

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