If you haven’t heard of IFS, they’re one of the largest and fastest-growing B2B software companies in the market, so we’re honoured to have Oliver Pilgerstorfer, CMO, on this episode of the FINITE Podcast.

Oliver shares his journey at IFS so far, what changes he’s enacted in terms of brand and demand gen, and more generally, how he’s retained a commercial mindset to drive tangible growth against ambitious objectives. Plus, listen to learn why IFS decided to sponsor the London Cable Car as one of their best branding endeavours yet!

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • About Oliver’s background in B2B tech marketing
  • Oliver’s experience as CMO at IFS to date
  • Why IFS got delisted from the stock market
  • About IFS’ rebrand
  • How Oliver took a commercial approach to brand marketing
  • Why IFS sponsored the London Cable Car
  • How marketers can think more commercially about marketing overall

Find the full episode here:

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