Should you keep your outreach emails snappy? Or should you give detail and specificity? Should you pour your heart out to your target accounts? Or should you maintain stoic rationality?

All these questions answered and more in this special FINITE Podcast. We spoke to David van Schaick, CMO at The Marketing Practice and Doug Hutton, Senior Vice President, Products at Corporate Visions to find out the behavioural science behind successful cold emails for ABM in B2B tech marketing.

Listen to learn about their recent research, findings and gain practical takeaways for your own messaging! Find the full research report here.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • Why the research was done 
  • The main findings of the research
  • If shorter content performs better 
  • How B2B tech messaging can be made emotional
  • How personalisation affects ABM messaging

Find the full episode here:

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