When an organisation evolves, the customer-facing brand can lag behind as it represents values and missions of the past. 

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, you’ll learn why an organisation might need a rebrand in the first place, how to go about it and what to do after, with reference to Momentive’s outstanding example.

You’ll hear behind the scenes insights to SurveyMonkey’s rebrand with Karen Budell, who lead the transition to Momentive to better suit their modern objectives. Karen has spent her career telling brand stories at top tech companies like Google, and has plenty of advice to share. 

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • About Karen’s background in B2B tech marketing 
  • The value of formal marketing education 
  • Why SurveyMonkey was rebranded to Momentive 
  • How Momentive made their rebranding decisions using data 
  • How to structure different products, brands and solutions in one organisation 
  • How a rebrand impacts SEO and domain authority 
  • Tips for marketing a rebrand internally

Find the full episode here:

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