Data literacy is a must-have skill for modern B2B tech marketers looking to succeed in their careers. To be able to balance creative ideation with data-backed decision making is critical to ensuring buy-in from the board and innovating a traditional B2B tech marketing strategy.

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, Alex sat down with Chris Lindsay, VP, EMEA Marketing at Tableau. Tableau is a Salesforce company and self-service analytics platform, which makes Chris the perfect person to share their views on data literacy in B2B tech.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • What is data literacy in B2B tech marketing? 
  • How can data literacy help guide strategic discussion? 
  • Which comes first, ideas or data? 
  • How does emotion come into play in data literacy? 
  • Can a marketing team become too data-centric? 
  • How to build a B2B marketing team that accounts for data literacy and creativity? 
  • How to avoid silos between data driven and creative marketers within a team? 
  • How can you work with big data without getting intimidated? 
  • Resources marketers can use to become more data literate

Find the full episode here:

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