People don’t trust brands anymore, they trust people, especially when making large decisions on behalf of a company. That’s why in B2B marketing, thought leadership plays an important role in a content strategy.

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, we hear from Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead at Atlassian – a global tech company that owns work management tools such as Trello and Jira.

Ashley has plenty of experience choosing and building thought leaders within Atlassian, and shares her framework for building a profile and influence for employees.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • Building trust with thought leadership
  • Why you should stop trying to solve problems 
  • Where to find the best thought leaders within an organisation
  • Contrarian view of sales – sales is fundamentally broken 
  • C-suite execs aren’t necessarily the best thought leaders 
  • When people are too busy to be thought leaders
  • On forcing thought leadership
  • Ghost-writing thought leadership content – yes or no? 

Find the full episode here:

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