If you hadn’t heard, Tyler Lessard is the King of Video. As VP Marketing and Chief Video Officer at leading video platform Vidyard, he is also the author of video marketing bible: The Visual Sale.

Tyler knows that video marketing is the future of content, and explains how video can help emotionally engage B2B buyers and speeds up the sales cycle, as seen at Marketo with their new and improved call to actions.

Listen to this FINITE Podcast episode to learn how you can use video in your own B2B marketing, and how to create a culture of video-friendliness within your organisation.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How has the role of video evolved within B2B marketing? 
  • What are audience expectations around the quality of video? 
  • What do I do when experts or employees don’t want to be recorded on video? 
  • How can video be used for all stages of the B2B marketing funnel? 
  • How can sales and marketing work together to produce effective video? 
  • What role does video marketing play in creating emotional resonance with a B2B tech brand? 
  • How do you get an organisation’s culture involved in video? 
  • What will the future of video look like in B2B marketing? 

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