Blair Josephs Jansen’s career spans the Hollywood Boulevard, having worked on well-known shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Orange is the New Black. When Blair took a turn into B2B tech, she brought her B2C storytelling mindset, and now wants to redefine the standard of branding in our very serious, jargon-filled industry.

On this FINITE Podcast episode, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on what B2B tech branding can be, from the Senior Brand Strategist at Equinix

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • Why did Blair shift from Netflix to B2B tech?
  • Why is brand a holistic experience for customers and employees?
  • Why is consistency so important for building a brand?
  • Can B2B tech branding be fun?
  • Should we use jargon and acronyms in B2B tech branding?
  • What elements of B2C have influenced Blairs B2B branding?
  • How should we differentiate our B2B tech branding for younger audiences and why?

Find the full episode here:

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