While many growth marketers consider customer churn a barrier to success, most fail to consider just how top-of-funnel churn really is.

On this FINITE Podcast, Jesus Requena, VP Growth Marketing at Figma, shares how reducing customer churn is, yes, about recapturing the interest of waning users, but also about acquiring the right users in the first place.

Jesus’ extensive background in self-serve SaaS marketing has given him incredible insights into the details of customer retention, and we’re so pleased he delivered his key takeaways on this episode of the FINITE Podcast.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How is marketing structured at Figma?
  • What does the marketing funnel look like at Figma?
  • Why do orgs need to retain customers in order to scale?
  • Why should acquisition be about quality, not quantity of new customers?
  • When should B2B orgs start thinking about retention? 

Find the full episode here:

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