It’s the hottest debate in B2B tech: should early stage companies invest in brand or performance marketing first? How about starting with ‘the high level stuff’, like Typeform did? 

Paul Campillo is formerly Principle Brand Storyteller and the first marketing hire at Typeform. On this episode of The FINITE Podcast, he shares his perspective on brand, how it should attract not only customers but talent, and reveals the three pillars to a meaningful brand. 

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • About Paul and his background
  • Paul’s role at Typeform
  • Why Paul was drawn to Typeform
  • How company missions play an important role in a brand
  • Tips on how to measure brand
  • Why B2B tech companies have less of a brand identity
  • The three pillars that lead to a meaningful brand
  • Emotional resonance and building a brand
  • How brand identity works

Find full episode here:

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