The marriage between acquisition and retention is a component of B2B tech marketing that drives business success. The ability to generate leads and form strong relationships with customers are of equal importance in a B2B marketing strategy.

Marino Fresch is VP of Acquisition Marketing at Sprout Social. Tara Robertson is CMO at Teamwork, and was Head of Customer Marketing at Sprout Social at the time of recording.   

This FINITE Podcast episode is about how acquisition and retention marketing work side by side while Sprout continues to grow globally as a world leader in social media management solutions. 

Listen to the full episode to learn about:

  • Tara and her background in B2B marketing 
  • Marino and his background in B2B marketing
  • How retention and acquisition work together to drive growth 
  • The partnership between marketing teams at Sprout to align goals 
  • Areas of contention between acquisition and retention 
  • Differences in tactics between acquisition and retention 
  • Humanisation as a mutual need in acquisition and retention
  • The impact of scaling globally on acquisition and retention 
  • Collaborating with the product team for customer retention
  • The dynamic between sales and both marketing teams at Sprout Social
  • The role of social media marketing in 2021

Find the full episode here:

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