B2B marketers are realising that just like their B2C counterparts, buyers are universally driven by the same psychological concepts. 

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast for B2B marketers, Alex talks to Ruslan Tovbulatov, VP of Global Marketing at Gloat. Having lead global innovation at Google and the launch of Google’s BrandLab, Ruslan has a deep insight into the importance of emotional storytelling in marketing and why this holds true in B2B. 

Listen to the episode to learn why emotion is relevant in B2B marketing, the neuroscience behind B2B decision making and how to find stories to market your B2B company. 

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • About Ruslan’s background in B2C and B2B  
  • About Ruslan’s current role at Gloat 
  • How is the B2B/B2C divide decreasing? 
  • Why is emotion relevant in B2B tech marketing? 
  • What is the neuroscience behind B2B decision making? 
  • How do you find stories for a B2B tech company? 
  • Examples of brands telling emotional stories 
  • How do you measure the emotional impact of B2B marketing? 

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