Maya Grossman has written a best seller on career development, with a long and successful career spanning some of the largest brands in tech like Microsoft, Google and Canvas. She hasn’t just waited for these opportunities to come to her. Throughout her career she’s made purposeful decisions to exceed and stand out amongst a sea of B2B tech marketers.

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, you’ll hear Maya’s tips on flourishing at each stage of a B2B tech marketing career from IC to VP of Marketing. This includes building a marketing portfolio.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • What has Maya’s career looked like so far?
  • Does a B2B tech marketer need a formal education? 
  • Should B2B tech marketers work in enterprises or startups? 
  • How can B2B tech marketers break through the noise to get hired? 
  • How can B2B tech marketers build their personal career profile? 
  • Is it better to be a generalist or specialist B2B tech marketer?
  • When should a B2B tech marketer move on from their current role?
  • What should B2B tech marketers know about being a VP?

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