In B2B tech, marketing and sales are sometimes seen as rivals, even when alignment between the functions is a proven key to success. Our guest on the podcast today believes that to achieve this alignment, marketing should own the entire pipeline and have their own revenue targets.

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast we sat down with Kyle Lacy, SVP Marketing at Seismic

Alex and Kyle discussed whether BDRs should live in marketing, whether marketers should get commission on conversions and why sales leaders are the first to get fired.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • About Kyle and his role at Seismic
  • His perspective on marketing and sales 
  • How should you measure leads and MQLs
  • Should marketing own a section or the entire pipeline?
  • Should BDRs live in marketing? 
  • Thoughts on marketing development rep role
  • Should marketing teams get comps for creating pipelines or generating revenue?
  • Is multi-touch attribution the solution to connect marketing to revenue?
  • Why are sales leaders the first to get fired, and why is that marketing’s fault? 
  • Would Kyle consider the opportunity to run sales?

Find full episode here:

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